The Citec Group of Barcelona are our principal cartridge suppliers.

They have grown so fast that they commissioned much expanded Chinese manufacturing facilities and moved into their new factory in Kaiping, Guangdong Province in February 2018. This is why our launch was delayed.

Their ISO 9001 quality, WRAS approval, obsession with tolerances, ethos, desire and attention to detail, in our experience, far exceeds the Germans.

Our concept was difficult for the headworks industry to understand. However, Citec were impressed and enthusiastic about the opportunity and worked with us to get the very best results from our revolutionary design. We are proud to have a great and supportive working partnership with them.


Our spindles are made in Sheffield by XL Precision. Yet another ISO 9001 company.

When we first displayed the TapMedic concept to them, it took them less than 30 seconds to ‘get it’. A couple of days after that initial 30 minute meeting, they literally bought into the company.

It would probably be cheaper to outsource our spindles. However, to everyone involved with TapMedic, the very best replicable quality for our price point is paramount. We have all spent far too many wasted hours installing ‘cheap’ and regretting it. We would not dream of doing that to fellow professionals.

Steve the MD did his apprenticeship at Guest & Chrimes in Rotherham. It was Guest & Chrimes (yes ‘that’ John Guest) who patented the first ever high pressure tap in 1845. Despite the rumours, Steve assures us he started just after that!

XL are somewhat ‘old school’. They work hard, give you the benefit of their vast expertise and treat people fairly. We are invested in each other for the long haul.