why TapMedic?

for installers

  • An ‘untapped’ market opportunity
    Before TapMedic, many plumbers avoided dripping taps – now it’s simple.
  • Better profit per hour than changing taps
    The time taken vs the reward & enhanced reputation means you earn more by doing an easier job!
  • Consistent parts costs
    Your maximum parts cost are known in advance.
  • Known parts costs
    No more guessing. No more surprises. You can quote instantly.
  • Lower cost than manufacturers demand
    Undercut manufacturers, save customers money, and still make more profit.
  • Enhances your reputation
    An end to honest excuses which customers never believed.
  • More chance of landing further works
    Doing these jobs well & painlessly always leads to more.
  • Building delivers real satisfaction
    Use your skills & be seen to use them.
  • Become genuinely valued by customers again
    Actually make something. Don’t just swap parts.
  • Fixes approx. 80% of separate hot and cold taps
    Reliability & certainty are built-in TapMedic watchwords.
  • Single visit – No more messing around, merchant visits or internet searching
    Quick, convenient, easy, profitable.
  • Less than 15 minutes to replace two*
    Does what it says. No messin.
  • Warranty
    Three year no quibble warranty on ALL registered cartridges.
  • Consumer promotion
    The area YOU cover is promoted (see here) to consumers to generate more work.

for consumers

  • Minimise time off
    Customers needs hours off not days.
  • Installer becomes ‘My plumber’
    Finally a plumber the customer can trust to do those vital small jobs.
  • No more suspicion that the job is being talked up
    The need to replace was never the fault of plumbers, but customer believed it was! That now just disappears.
  • No need to pay manufacturers inflated prices
    Fixed costs for all repairable taps.
  • No paying for searching etc
    80%+ chance of fixing at first visit out of the kit.
  • No forcing people to replace taps
    An end to what is wasteful in every conceivable sense.

for Planet Earth

  • Repair much better
    Less than 1% of the environmental footprint of tap changes.
    Minimal raw material usage.
    Minimal energy use.
    Few environmental miles (much UK made)
  • A genuinely sustainable environmental solution
    Repairable in future.
    Can be replaced for as long as YOU wish.
    Almost all recyclable.
    Minimal manufacturing toxicity.